Social Events


Social Sailing

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So that meant eight boats and 10 sailors and a boatful of rowers took to the water in extremely gusty conditions (>30 at the hut) for the Blakeney Sailing Club’s Social Sails on the penultimate Saturday in June. Four less competent (and thrill-seeking!) sailors who had turned up decided to stay ashore watch and learn (and laugh) as each boat sped off at terrific rate of knots down the cut and became shooting sails on the horizon. There were sharp intakes of breath when we could see the exhilarating time they were having. But we were all together to marvel at their tales of surf and waves and speed on their return. Their salt-encrusted eyebrows and eye lashes had to be seen to be believed. A marine mascara? The bring and share picnic which served twelve in considerable style on The Rock (by the slipway) was fabulous. Thanks to all for terrific culinary creations, sweet and savoury.
The following Social Sail on Sunday evening was just as windy and yet our sailors were there again. This time only two decided to face the elements. They were rewarded with a picnic again to replace their blood sugar. None of our photos, I suspect, will do sailing scenes we witnessed justice. It was an unforgettable couple of sails. Thanks so much to all for making it such a socially successful sailing weekend, whatever the weather. We have lots more social sailing in the summer programme so do check the dates and join in.