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Club History

The Early Days

Amazingly regattas have been held in Blakeney Harbour since 1863 but in 1912 a group of locals decided to form a sailing group, called the Blakeney Amateur Sailing Club to formulate some rules. There was only a committee, no members! but they held 3 races a year on succeeding days in August for Senior and Juniors which refer to the length of the boat, entry fee 1/-. Handicaps were awarded by the committee and the course was as still used for one day of Blakeney regatta, North Buoy (now approx. buoy 5), South Buoy (now approx. buoy 10), Pit Buoy (buoy 1 not approx!) and back again. “If a lady steers the boat, she shall be allowed to have a professional on board, provided that the professional does not touch the tiller or sheets.” “If a man engaged a professional again the professional must not touch anything and the boat will be penalised by one minute on handicap.”racing!

Move on to 1938 and a committee was formed to design and construct a dinghy to suit the harbour conditions and so the Blakeney One Design (BOD) was borne and one was launched in March 1939 and it was decided that the boat suited the brief and formation of a sailing club for organising racing and promotion of the BOD. Blakeney Sailing Club was formed on 27th May 1939. War intervened but after peace it was declared a total of eight BODs were built and one still survives “Wigeon”. BSC then organised dinghy racing and even low powered motor boat racing!

Blakeney Regatta and Fair 1938 Painting by Hugh Boycott Brown

Blakeney Regatta and Fair 1938 Painting by Hugh Boycott Brown

The Club House and Beyond.

The Club finally acquired a clubhouse, in May 1997, by renting part of the old Parish Rooms behind the ice cream shop on the quay. Two showers were installed, and a tea/coffee bar created. The grand opening occurred the day after the annual Hog Roast in the village hall.

Throughout the 1980s and 90s the harbour saw a great deal of class racing where Javelins, Seaflies, Lasers and Phantoms featured. There was also a boom in windsurfing, which some thought might eclipse dinghy sailing although that never happened. Sadly, the Javelin fleet, once so popular disappeared. However, the Seafly remains strong with the National Championships being held at Blakeney in recent years. The Laser fleet also remains popular with a welcome increase in the number of women sailing Lasers since the introduction of smaller rig sizes. The advent of social, or flotilla sailing, where there are organised trips to various locations within the harbour, has been a boost to participation and membership. Kayaking and canoeing have seen a huge increase in popularity. In 2018 the Club were forced to give up the clubhouse due to an increase in rent which could not be borne by the existing membership. However, this loss does not appear to have diminished the numbers taking part in the various waterborne activities.

It is wonderful that we still have all the minute books from 1912 to 1939 and from 1939 onward to refer to and there are reams of pages to trawl through but here are the most poignant ones!

Some notable events:

1947 – Use of room at the Kings Arms for a Club room.
1948 – Affiliation to RYA
1949 – Slipway built
1950 – Dinghy Park provided
1950’s – Start boat, an old ship’s lifeboat “Roger Cooke” obtained
1990’s – Start boat, Lapwing replaced Roger Cooke
1996 – Clubhouse opened in part of the old Parish Rooms
2017 – Clubhouse closed due rent increase making it unviable
2021 – Start boat, new Lapwing replaced old Lapwing.

Over the 85 years BSC has produced some outstanding racing crews and can count champions in the International 14s, Seafly and Javelin Classes and maybe there are new champions amongst us ready to come forward!

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BSC 1955 Yearbook Cover

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BSC 1955 Yearbook Cover

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