Sailing Programme


Hello and welcome to you all. As a new departure this year we have separated Racing and Flotilla programmes, in this yearbook, for reasons of space and ease of reading.

In order to maximize the opportunities to sail with other club members we have included the tide tables, from April to November. As a rule of thumb the time shown for high tide should be read as the time we have enough water to launch at Blakeney, as high water here is one hour and twenty-eight minutes after Hull.

The actual tide height will depend on atmospheric pressure and the wind direction. That said it is usually possible to get out on anything above a 7.5 metres.

It is recognized that Flotilla events tend to be pretty weather dependent, which makes their planning difficult. With the advent of the club’s Facebook page it is possible for anyone who intends to sail, on any given day, to alert other members to that fact and what format is intended. Both Bill Glauert (email or telephone 01263 740043) and Eleanor Sidgwick (email or telephone 01263 710617) have agreed to advertise sails they have planned in the hope that others will join them. Other members are encouraged to do likewise and check out the Facebook page regularly to see what is planned.

The object of the exercise is to get as many people as possible out on the water enjoying the company of other members.

The club will not, as a matter of course, be providing safety boat cover for these events but that does not stop suitably qualified members using these boats.

In addition to these ad hoc events there is the Fun Week from Monday the 21st August until the following Friday when there will be organized daily boating activities. Just show up, ready and rigged, at the time shown in the programme and be prepared to have some wet fun!

The club’s cycle ride, tennis tournament and guided walk will also take place during this week.


Racing Programme.

Racing starts on Good Friday the 14th April. Fingers crossed for better weather than last year as Easter is so much later. Matt Boreham will be dispensing words of wisdom regarding race management, in the clubhouse, post race.

The May Bank Holiday series commencing on Saturday the 29th April consists of some decent tides at civilized times so a good turnout can be anticipated.

Saturday and Sunday the 13/14th May sees the return of the RYA Push the Boat Out initiative which relies on members being willing to take non members out for a sail. A golden recruiting opportunity. The CRAB rowers will be joining us for this event.

Wednesday the 7th June sees the first of a revived mid-week evening race series.

Saturday and Sunday the 15/16th July see the third running of the revived Seafly Nationals. Can anyone wrest the crown from John Claridge, the boat builder who has won the last two years? Prizes won, since the beginning of the season, will be presented at the conclusion of racing on the Sunday.

Our annual Race Week commences with the RNLI Pennant races on Saturday the

5th August. The North West Norfolk Sailing Association join us on the Thursday so expect some hot sailing that day! Our Hog Roast and further prize giving takes place on the Friday evening.

Our blue riband event, the Blakeney Regatta looks to have good tides and times on the following two days.

Fun Week commences with on and off water events on Monday the 21st August and should not be missed!

Morston Regatta, on the 26th August, is followed by our cricket match against the Cockle and Oyster sailors who have been victorious for the last two years. This will take place on Blakeney playing field. Prospective players and caterers please contact Séan and Trish Moore on 01263 710644,

September sees the Streaker and Phantom events scheduled for the 9/10th followed by another invitation to race Cockles at Morston on the 16th when there is insufficient water at Blakeney.

The Vintage 14s and NN16s join us for racing on the 23/24th.

The final prize giving will take place in the clubhouse following the Carnser clear up on the 3rd December.

NB: Where members are shown as patrol boat helms and a “volunteer” is shown as the crew, it would be most helpful for the member to recruit such, before the event, thereby removing the need to “press gang” a sailor on the day.

Rear Commodore Sailing


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